Recirculating Chiller



These Recircualting Chillers are a versatile, robust piece of kit that is a must have for small scale operations for the use in chilling apparatus such as rotary evaporators and keeping temperatures at a consistent level. The Recirculating Chillers are available in a number of models models; the numbers on each refers to the lowest and highest temperature the Chiller can reach.

They are easy machines to operate and keep clean. The large opening at the top of the chiller enables the user to quickly fill the machine. The stainless-steel coil that wraps around the inside of the reservoir quickly gets the system down to the desired temperature, the coil then cools the fluid inside the reservoir.

There is an inbuilt pump that then pushes the chilled fluid around the apparatus that the user wishes to keep at a desired temperature, the fluid then returns in a loop back into the reservoir which is then cooled once more ready to be pumped back around the system.

Each chiller comes on casters, on the top of the reaction bath there is a screw in stand that enables the user to suspend equipment in the bath.

Supplied with 3/8 barbed connectors for attaching to desired apparatus.

How To Use

The Recirculating Chiller could not be easier to use. Simply fill the Reservoir with liquid transfer fluid, ensuring that the stainless-steel coils are completely submersed. Place the magnetic stirrer in the centre of the reservoir on top of the supplied glass plate, place the lid back on top of the reservoir.


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