Short Path Distillation Kits - No Heating Mantle



BHO Hardware’s short path distillation or fractional distillation kit allows you to further distil your extract either into a more refined extract or into fractions of the extract itself. Once the compound has gone through this process it will be almost at its purest form, repeating this process will further refine the extract.

Before we get to the short path distillation you should have put the starting material through a process called QWISO” (Quick wash isopropyl), QWET” (Quick wash ethanol) this extracts everything from the plant including chlorophyll, lipids, triglycerides (fatty acids) and waxes. Once you have collected the material you can move onto the winterization process, this is the process of removing the unwanted heavy compounds ie waxes and triglycerides (fatty acids).

To do this properly you will need the following: -

⦁ Buchner Funnel

⦁ Filtration flask

⦁ Quantitative filter paper - fast flow 20 microns down to no lower than 5 micron

⦁ Rota vane vacuum pump

Once this process is complete you are ready to use the Rotary Evaporator this will remove the solvent from the extract and leave you with a quality staring product to put through your short path distillation equipment.

Another way to get a good quality starting material is by using a method of extraction utilizing Hydrocarbons and super cooling it even further using dry ice this is called dewaxing.

Available in 2L, 5L and 10L Volumes.


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