Rotary Evaporators - Manual Lift



Our Rotary evaporators are the perfect starting point for removing unwanted solvents from extracts, using evaporation as a gentle way of performing this task.

Our Rotary evaporator has a motor which is digitally controlled that works between 0-199rpm. This allows you to rotate the evaporation flask thus leaving a thin film of oil and solvent around the bowl, increasing the surface area and thinning the liquid, allowing it to evaporate quickly whilst it rotates in the heated water bath.

The Teflon heated water bath has a fully enclosed heater which has a working range of room temperature up to 100 degrees C. This can be set using the digital LCD controller

The evaporation flask can be lifted quickly from the water bath which is controlled by a see – saw button. The flask lift range is between 0-150mm

A vacuum is pulled on the system by adding a rotary vane pump, you do this by attaching a hose from the pump to the vacuum nozzle found on the condenser.  Once the pressure has been lowered on the Rotary evaporator the boiling point is reduced thus retaining the quality of the extract while still evaporating of the solvent.

Cold liquid is then pumped around the condenser this can be done using a chiller, helping the vapor condense back into a liquid/solvent which is then collected in a 3 ltr condensate-collecting flask found at the bottom of the condenser.

Using our Rotary evaporator is a great way to get clean Extracts while re-using your solvents. Your extracts can then be further refined using our short path distillation equipment.


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