Yieldmonger Seeds - Super Scoop



Super Scoop is a finely balanced mix of Gorilla Glue and Gelato bringing you the best of both.

The breeding of these 2 already extremely potent and flavoursome strains has resulted in a mind-bendingly strong and tasty connoisseur classic. The effects of Super Scoop are awesome and should not be underestimated by an inexperienced user. For those more experienced with strong cannabis she brings on an intensely euphoric experience that really is fantastic for critical thinking, creativity and contemplation.

She is an 85% indica banger with the perfect amount of sativa to pleasure both the mind and body. Her Gelato heritage results in a flavour that makes you think of your favourite desert with distinct tasting notes of chocolate, candy and fruit. Her aroma is deep and spicy with hints of diesel. She is a strain that you can count on producing large amounts of tremendous quality bud heavily laden with trichomes. She grows bushy making her easy to manage and good for many different growing techniques.

Super Scoop is one of those strains that you always finish first and never want to be without.

Due to UK legislation and requirements from our payment processor we are no longer able to provide detailed information regarding these seeds. Please look on the breeders website for more details.

These descriptions are pulled from various sources (usually directly from the breeder) and were written in regions where activities such as germination, propagation and consumption are permitted. Descriptions are for informational purposes only, their inclusion here must not be construed as advice or encouragement regarding germination, consumption, expected benefits, effects or any other claims or statements. All seeds are sold for novelty or souvenir purposes and must never be germinated.

GeneticsGorilla Glue 4 x Gelato 33
VarietyMostly Indica
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Yield600-650 gr/m²
Plant Height (Indoor)95-145 cm
Plant Height (Outdoor)145-195 cm

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