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Sweet Seeds - Big Devil FAST Version



Big Devil F1 Fast Version is the feminized version of the cannabis strain named Autofem big devil, ready to harvest in 9 weeks.

Thus, with Big Devil F1 Fast Version we have a marijuana plant very similar to its AutoFem sister, from which Sweet Seeds have selected the best individuals as a source of genetic background.

Once combined and stabilized, these phenotypes were crossed with a strain specially compatible with them, ensuring that they retain the best features of the original Big Devil, and eliminating the autoflowering genetic trait from the equation.

So we will get a feminised plant with great vigor, large in size and that offers an outstanding production of flowers; we can reach up to 650g/m2 of dense buds in about 8-9 weeks of flowering. Its structure is branched, with a really strong and prominent main cola, surrounded by long secondary branches.

Stunning aroma and flavor with this plant, the organoleptic qualities from the Original BigDevil have been kept, an incensed and sweet perfume. Its effect is uplifting and cerebral, accompanied by a strong state of physical relaxation that will make you float away into a dream world.

Genetics Big Devil Auto x Secret Strain
VarietyMostly Sativa
Flowering Time56 - 63 days
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
THC Content18-25%
GrowsIndoors & Outdoors
Plant HeightTall

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