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Strawberry Cough F1 x Thin Mint Cookies (OG Kush x Durban Poison) selected cut from California

This is a feminised fast version with only 6.5 - 7 weeks flower time! It took us 2 years to develop this strain and we’re very proud and pleased with the result. The time, effort and passion delivered the perfect outcome! We selected the sweetest and fastest phenotype using Strawberry Cough as the F1 parent.

The amount of resin on the plants and leaves is amazing, she’s super frosty. We recommend to ‘top' the plants to increase the yield and to support the branches due to the heaviness of the blooms. The smell and taste are crazy sweet, strawberry with a touch of vanilla and fresh mint. Compared to other sweet fruity strains, Strawberry Cookies really stands out. The buds retain (and even improve) their pungent sweet smell after a couple of months curing in a glass jar.

The plants are very homogenous which is great for the serious indoor grower since a level canopy optimises yield/quality. This is a stable strain, developed and produced indoors but also suited for outdoor growing in warmer climates with hot summers. She grows to approximately 1.5 meter tall indoors. Although this is a fast version the yield are very acceptable and vary from medium to large. This depends on grower experience and grow room design - the more light, the better. The seeds are hand selected, so you only receive the best quality genetics.

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GeneticsStrawberry Cough F1 x Thin Mint Cookies (OG Kush x Durban Poison)
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Plant Height (Indoors)90-160 cm
Plant Height (Outdoors)200-300 cm

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