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Sativa dominant. Polm Gold x Purple Power x Afghan. Strong, sturdy plant with great resin production. Earliest finisher, mid to end September. Sweet, diesel-like flavor and taste with hints of citrus.

Spliff Seeds took their trusted Polm Gold and mixed in an old-school Purple Power to create the perfect strain for growing outdoor in colder climates. The notoriously early flowering Purple Power father helps make our Gold Rush Outdoor the earliest flowering variety in our catalogue, ready for harvest mid to end of September. Gold Rush Outdoor is a very strong and sturdy plant. She is very mold and disease resistant. Perfect for cold/mountainous climates. Gold Rush has great resin production, a great taste and packs a punch.

Gold Rush grows like crazy and can cope with high levels of EC. At first she doesnt appear to have too much THC, but once cured she is covered in trichomes. Theres a purple pheno, which finishes week 2-3 of September and smells distinctly of diesel and the white pheno that will mature week 3 to 4 of September and has a more lingering hint of diesel.

Gold Rush is very aromatic; she has a sweet, woody, earthy, spicy and a slight diesel-like flavor and taste. With hints of cinnamon, orange and lime. She delivers a nice blended high of a bodystoned yet uplifting high sensation.

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GeneticsPolm Gold x Purple Power x Afghan
VarietySativa dominant
Flowering TypePhotoperiod





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