Shield Extraction Systems



BHO Hardware’s exclusive range of stainless steel extractor systems are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel and are ideal for extracting essential health oils from plants such as lavender and rose.

All our systems are designed, built and pressure tested in South Yorkshire, UK before being dispatched to customers.

What makes our products stand out:

  • All BHO Hardware units are 304 grade stainless steel.
  • Welded valves & joints are used wherever possible to reduce leaks.
  • We use male BSP fittings with a hex nut to ensure all components are facing in the desired direction.
  • Optional extra 4 prong stand / quadpod to provide more stability.
  • 2 year warranty with BHO Hardware – excludes gaskets and screens.
  • Designed, assembled & tested in the UK on a BHO Hardware site.
  • Custom builds are available at request.

Our safe blast systems are designed to enable you to use your Whip-it butane in a much safer and cleaner manner. The safe blast systems use the closed loop design as a base so that it’s safe to use and the oil is collected in a sealed chamber. This chamber keeps the oil free from any dust and debris that may contaminate as opposed to an open blast system. We designed the safe blast in response to feedback from our loyal customers who didn’t want to reuse the solvent or have the expense of a closed loop but wanted a safe way in which to dispose of the gas.

The price is much cheaper with the safe blast as there are no legs, pressure gauges or reclamation tank pushing the cost up. A huge advantage of the safe blast is that its components are modular it can be converted in to a closed loop system in the future if you want to upgrade.

Conversion kit contents

  • Legs (6” versions only).
  • Pressure gauge/s.
  • Reclamation tank.
  • Professional gas inlet with steel socket coupler.

All of our systems are designed and built to the highest specification. Each is assembled by hand by one of our technicians and pressure tested up to 60PSI before being left at pressure for 24 hours.

Not only are our safe blast systems completely constructed out of 304 stainless steel, they are all bespoke in terms of the design. Where possible the joints are welded to reduce the amount of messy PTFE tape and risk of leaking; especially useful with the ball valves. One enhancement made to the latest version is the welded bases, saving time for the end user and further lessening the risk of leaks.

Another aspect of our systems evolution is that we’ve designed a quick release 304 stainless steel hose tail coupler. Enhancing usability, it enables you to uncouple the hoses without the need for clamps, making the job much more efficient and narrowing down the risk of leaks. We also use the same hose tail connector on the back of all our vacuum ovens. All the braided hoses that come with the closed loop have the stainless-steel coupler which enables you to connect and reconnect the hose quickly and efficiently to all our systems. This includes our open blast, safe blast, closed loop and our ovens.


  • Systems are pressure tested on site to 60PSI.
  • Dual port connection capabilities for filling and emptying the system.
  • Glycerine filled BHO Hardware pressure gauge.
  • Viewing chamber on the base.
  • Tubes come with dry ice dewaxing column.
  • ¼” welded ball valve with shower head solvent entry to ensure butane is easily distributed throughout tube.
  • 304 stainless steel quick release couplers and hose tail connectors.
  • 4 prong stand / quadpod as standard to provide more stability.
  • High pressure clamps fastened with nut and bolts to make them more heavy duty.
  • The base is welded to prevent leakage.
  • Male BSP fittings with hex nut to ensure all components are facing in the correct direction.
  • The interior of all chambers and tubes are polished.
  • Reclamation tank comes with dipstick & 2 welded ports.
  • Superior quality Vitron gaskets.
  • Operating temperature range: -40F to 160F.
  • Total vacuum as low as 10 microns / -29.9inHg / -1 bar.
  • Construction: All major components made of 304 stainless steel.

The Shield Extraction system is available in 4 models: 130/180/250/500. This refers to the maximum capacity of the tube.


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