Privileged Lungs - Mini Terp Slurper Quartz Banger with Slurper Set



The Mini Terp Slurper by Privileged Lungs is probably the most sought-after and popular new quartz banger design on the market, it is the one that has paved the way for the new quartz bangeradvancements such as our Large Blender, Opaque Bottomed Blender and Mini Blender. 

The Mini Terp Slurper by Privileged Lungs has been constructed from 99.99% GE124 Quartz and it features a rounded bowl shape at the bottom of the banger with three titled slits which allows your concentrate to be brought into the interior of the quartz chamber where the majority of the heat will be concentrated. 

Featuring fully bevelled rim so that your marble or carb cap makes a proper seal 

The neck is fully welded, unlike many cheap imported quartz bangers this means that the banger will be more sturdy and resilient to knocks or drops.

The neck of the banger is longer than other slurpers we tested so that you can easily heat it up without the flame touching your rig. 

 The banger should be heated up with the pill and any pearls or slurper set you wish to use whilst the marble should be added once you've got to your desired temperature. 

Available in both 14mm and 10mm variations in 45 degree and 90 degree angles.

Comes with a Slurper set with a large marble, a mini valve marble and a terp pill/ terp pillar

Please note your marble, pearl and pillar colour will be selected at random.


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