Privileged Lungs - Blender Quartz Banger with Slurper Set



The Blender Quartz banger by Privileged Lungs is one of the latest quartz banger designs developing from recent advancements in the quartz banger market that began with the Quartz Slurper design made famous by American high-end functional glass brands. 

The Blender Quartz banger shape works similarly to the Terp Slurper. After heating up your banger and waiting until it cools, you place your marble on top of the banger and melt your dabbing material onto the outside of the quartz chamber and let the material melt onto the dish. 

The Blender Banger hits incredibly hard and is easier to clean than the Terp Slurper design. For optimum cleaning, the banger should be submerged in Isopropyl alcohol when still warm, and you should vaporize your material at a safe temperature. This banger design will come with 2 sizes of Ruby Pearls, a marble that acts as a carb cap, a pillar and a smaller quartz ball; these will spin when you hit your banger hard enough. 

-The Quartz is of high quality at 99.99% GE214 Grade quartz

-Bevelled Edges for a proper seal with your marble carb cap.

-The dishes on these blender bangers are super wide and thick, meaning the quartz heat retention is substantial.

- The wide dish has specially cut out notches which create a vortex effect with the oil when 

- The dish is extra thick in the middle, allowing for the heat to be centred, and the walls are extra thick, which will vaporize most of your oil. 

- The banger works perfectly with and without a terp pearl or with the pearls, pillar and marble provided.

- The top of the banger where the marble or carb cap sits features fully bevelled edges for an airtight fit 

The neck is fully welded, unlike many cheap imported bangers, meaning the banger will be more sturdy and resilient to knocks or drops.

- Available in both 14mm and 10mm variations in 45 degree and 90 degree angles. 

-Please note your marble, pearl and pillar colour will be selected at random.


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