Pilchard's Caviar - Pina O Nada



Piña o Nada is the only surprise box we offer. We don’t know what you will get and neither do you. We don't even know its gender Damn that’s exciting.

Well, we know one thing: You will get amazing genetics. The breeding project comes from Northern California. Cold temperatures will encourage the development of crazy colours. A little bit of potassium, phosphorus and a low humidity will reward you with dense, rock hard buds.

Taste-wise, Piña o Nada has many layers to its complex flavour, which we discussed at length for hours and no one could agree. Everyone agrees that it’s fruity, but when asked for the particular fruit, no one could decide.

At one point, one of our Latino friends just said “Piña o Nada”and it just stuck. An underlying herbal scent completes the package.

Just keep in mind - there are boys in this party.

Due to UK legislation and requirements from our payment processor we are no longer able to provide detailed information regarding these seeds. Please look on the breeders website for more details.

These descriptions are pulled from various sources (usually directly from the breeder) and were written in regions where activities such as germination, propagation and consumption are permitted. Descriptions are for informational purposes only, their inclusion here must not be construed as advice or encouragement regarding germination, consumption, expected benefits, effects or any other claims or statements. All seeds are sold for novelty or souvenir purposes and must never be germinated.

GeneticsPellezino Kids (Zkittlez x Tangie Power) x (Zkittlez x Kosher Tangie) x Secret Hybrid
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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