Mephisto Genetics - Samsquanch OG Auto


A combo of Yeti OG (Loompafarms from seed) and 3 Bears OG. The resulting strain is a top quality and high yielding dank strain that is an explosion of taste and flavour. A well branched, a vigorous strain making multiple colas that are stacked with flowers. Flowers grow compactly but your bush will be positively loaded with them. Her nice lime green resin coated nugs smell amazing! Careful, this lady is very potent. Samsquanch OG is a super tasty strain for any extraction work.
Genetic Heritage: Yeti OG (Loompa Farms from seed) x 3 Bears OG
Generation: F4
Type: Auto - Feminised 
Indica/Sativa: 60/40
Best grown: Indoor/Greenhouse/Outdoor
Cycle time: 70-75 days
Size: 50-90cm
Aroma and flavour: Typical OG markers of taste and smell, earthy, heavy, pungent, sour, skunky
Effect: Relaxing and sedative can induce a pleasant dreamy state
Medicinal qualities: Increases a feeling of general well-being, can be used to good effect for appetite stimulation

Due to UK legislation and requirements from our payment processor we are no longer able to provide detailed information regarding these seeds. Please look on the breeders website for more details.

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GeneticsYeti OG (Loompafarms) x 3 Bears OG
VarietyMostly Indica
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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