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House of the Great Gardener - Orange Barb


All our descriptions and images have come direct from the breeders who operate in a legal climate much different to that within the United Kingdom. Take note, you should NEVER try cultivating any cannabis plants within ANY jurisdiction where such cultivation is illegal. Our seeds are sold purely for souvenirs and should be treated as a curio or novelty item and should never be germinated. PLEASE DO NOT BREAK THE LAW!


We knew combining Barbara Bud with the Tangie would create a fantastic plant with a striking fragrance and flavour profile and the Orange Barb nails it. 

 Like Barbara Bud, Orange Barb has a fantastic growth structure. This plant grows tall and produces a higher than average yield. 

 An aroma of freshly peeled blood oranges emanates from the flower and will dominate a grow room. The taste is floral, woodsy and complex. 

 Like the Barbara Bud, Orange Barb has social and uplifting effects and is great for engaging in creative activities.  

Genetics Barbara Bud x Tangie
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Flowering Time56 - 63 days
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
THC Content15.43%
GrowsIndoors & Outdoors
EffectCreative, Talkative, Uplifting

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