Helios Lab Ovens



Introducing our newest top of the range vacuum oven, Helios. Available in 0.9 and 1.9 Cu. Ft.

The front of the oven comprises a glycerine-filled gauge, air inlet valve, LED power and light controls, a digital thermometer and temperature control and a nitrogen backfill with KF25 fittings.

This is a solid, sturdy, high-quality build with four separate shelves. Casters and feet are attached on the base of the oven to provide leveling on an uneven surface.

When it comes to producing quality hydrocarbon extracts it is imperative to remove all residual solvents from the product. The usual method of purging essential oils involves excessive amounts of heat to release the solvent from the product. Although this creates a clean product, a large amount of the more volatile molecules such as terpenes are also lost during the heating process. The use of a vacuum oven allows you to physically pull all of the residual solvents from the product whilst applying a very gentle heat, just enough to lower the viscosity of the oil so that the remaining solvents are 'looser' and can be pulled out by the pressure of the vacuum.

All necessary connections are included with every oven purchase.


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