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Growers Choice - Rainbow Candy



Rainbow candy is an indica-dominant mix of Zkittlez and Do Si Dos. This strain gives a whole new meaning to all the flavours of the rainbow.

A strain that will give you the sweet candy flavour with Fresh and Fruity Hints. The blend of Zkittlez and Do Si Dos is responsible for this phenomenal strain. With a high percentage of Indica this strain will still give you an uplifting feeling.

It grows like a large Indica with short internodes, a big main cola and several fully packed side branches. The blooming period is pretty short for a strain like this, you could harvest it at 7 weeks of flowering but to get the full resin on the buds and even better flavour we reccomend to let it go until week 9.

GeneticsDosidos x Zkittlez
VarietyMostly Indica
Flowering Time56-60 Days
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Yield650-700 gr/m²
Plant Height (Indoors)120-160 cm
Plant Height (Outdoors)150-250 cm

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