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Pineapple R2 is another new strain from our latest seedbank, Grateful Seeds. Pineapple R2 is a backcross of their number #17 pheno of Pineapple Madness with the pheno 16. Pineapple Madness was born out of an effort to bring the rare pineapple terpene profile to the world, and if you could smell this remarkable lady, you'd see why. Pineapple Madness is a particularly impressive cultivar due to its rare, sweet pineapple terpene profile.

Pineapple madness uses the Crazy Noa (Noa x Space Jam) for this cultivar that they've been working on tirelessly for several years, which they knew had to be undertaken when they first discovered the Pineapple terp profile. Once again, the Space Jam genetics showed the ability to drastically increase terpene production in every genetic cross she was used in. This cross has a wicked array of terpenes, and this resulted in their first experience of chasing the pineapple profile.

After countless hours spent on R&D, they found the perfect match to improve the Pineapple terps. That came in the form of a Strawberry Banana (bred by Dnagenetics). The cut came from their close friend in the USA and they immediately recognised an amazing resin production. The Strawnana produces large, bulging trichome heads that can easily be filtered through legal extraction through the 150u micron water hash screen. Surprisingly the cut itself has intense cherry terps that dominate the strawberry or banana expressions; additionally, she grows in a short, dense indica like structure that produces impressive yields.

The result of this first grow presented in most phenotypes with a wild, freshly squeezed ripe pineapple juice terp profile with exorbitantly sweet, ripe pineapple and candy-sweet terpene profile with some sour back notes that lacks the putrid fermented notes that is often expressed in their frosted madness genetics. After significantly larger pheno hunts took place, they found the pineapple terpene profile they were looking for by crossing their two favourite phenos, #16 and number #17 to create the Pineapple Madness R2. We're incredibly excited to be offering these rare pineapple terps with excellent hashish properties to the world!

Pineapple R2 is part of Grateful Seeds One Shot line, that is ultra-limited so be sure not to delay on any of these gems!

Due to UK legislation and requirements from our payment processor we are no longer able to provide detailed information regarding these seeds. Please look on the breeders website for more details.

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GeneticsPineapple Madness 17 x Pineapple Madness 16
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Yield600-800 gr/m²
Plant Height (Indoors)120-160 cm
Plant Height (Outdoors)175-300 cm

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