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Melon Madness female weed seeds by Grateful Seeds is part of Grateful Seeds 2022 lineup that makes up part of their original range. In order to breed the Melon Madness Grateful Seeds crossed their Pineapple Madness 30, affectionately known as the terp bomb, with the terp-filled Fresca Melon.

Fresca Melon crosses the infamous Zkittlez with the Watermelon Zkittlez, resulting in a Sativa dominant plant but with a brief flowering period compared to typical Sativa dominant hybrids. The Fresca Melon parent used to breed the Melon Madness was selected by @Lachanviere, who is a great friend to the Grateful Seeds team and also a friend they have already taken home cups with recently; such as during the 2021 Homegrown Cup with Grateful Seed's in-house creation of the Sunsetz. Fresca Melon is bred by Dying Breed Seeds and is a recent cut to join Grateful Seeds stable of genetics. Fresca Melon stands out thanks to her unbelievable terp profile that mixes ripe fruit notes such as sweet cantaloupe melon/apricot with intense tropical acidity like the kind found in ripe passion fruits. In addition, the Watermelon Zkittlez lineage lends some great resin production traits to the Melon Madness progeny making this an exceptional hash washing variety. In their solventless category, Grateful Seeds won a cup through the @dutchflowermagazine with the best score so far with some beautiful rosin jam made from this special cut.

Melon Madness typically exhibits classic Sativa leaning characteristics and unsurprisingly she stretches significantly and is generally ready in 60-65days (8.5- 9.5 weeks). All phenotypes are filled with wickedly moreish terps that range from ripe melon to an almost bitter, sharp pineapple. There's an exotic, wide-ranging mix of fruity terps to be found and no matter what pheno you select, you are bound to find a winner.

Due to UK legislation and requirements from our payment processor we are no longer able to provide detailed information regarding these seeds. Please look on the breeders website for more details.

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GeneticsPineapple Madness #30 x Fresca Melon
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Plant Height (Indoors) 
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