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GHOST MV1 Vaporizer



We stock the latest version of the MV1 with improved heat sink.

Big, fat rips of the freshest, cleanest vapour from herbs and concentrates: cutting-edge technology meets connoisseur-level vapour in the Ghost MV1.

Looking like some kind of vape-spaceship (or vapeship!), the Ghost MV1 has all the tasty, rich flavour that has been wowing users of mains-powered convection vaporizers like the Volcano and the Vapexhale. Unlike those, this clever device is portable, powered by a hefty battery that’s able to plough through up to 50 bowls on a full charge. Designed right here in London, England and manufactured in China and the USA, the Ghost MV1 doesn’t compromise on flavour or efficiency.

Incredibly cool vapour- so cool that it feels like you’re not inhaling anything at all... then you exhale a big cloud, and the flavour hits you! The removable ceramic heat sink and retractable makrolon mouthpiece all help to transfer flavour while cooling the vapour. The removable ceramic chamber is a clever touch too, making cleaning for travel easy, and also lending the MV1 a “Nespresso of vapes” vibe. In fact, the entire vapour pathway including the heat sink can be totally disassembled for cleaning- which is surprisingly quick and easy with a brush and a vipe.

I was so impressed by the size and power of the Ghost MV1’s rips- they’re just what you’d expect from this weighty device, which clocks in at 5.5cm x 4.5cm x 12.5cm- like a fatter, more ergonomic and more efficient Mighty. I found the MV1 sturdy and well-made, with parts that slot together neatly. It’s also supremely efficient, as it only heats the chamber when you inhale, preserving battery life and not wasting any vapour in between hits. I love how evenly the herbs vape without the need to stir the bowl, setting the MV1 apart from some other (more expensive) portable convection devices. And the flavour from concentrates is unreal!

Though the push-button controls can be tricky to get the hang of, the bluetooth app is user-friendly and simple: I found it easy to choose how dense or light I wanted my clouds to be. I also really found value in the fast battery charger and mains adapter, as the standard charging process can take a while. But it’s easy to see why when the MV1 operates like a high-end mains powered vaporizer, with no end of big thick rips.


  • Highly efficient
  • Cutting-edge tech
  • Great Flavour
  • Massive Rips
  • Requires a little learning

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