Forge Vacuum Chambers, Pumps & Heat Mats



Our BHO Hardware stainless steel vacuum chambers are a perfect entry level product to enable an efficient and effective degassing process.

This exclusive, functional and practical range of stainless steel vacuum chambers are a perfect solution for a wide range of degassing scenarios.

Each chamber is supplied with a 3-foot hose which connects directly to a vacuum pump.

The high quality 304 stainless steel allows these chambers to be used thousands of times without losing performance.

All vacuum chambers are tested and signed off by the BHO Hardware engineering and quality control department before being dispatched to customers. All BHO Hardware chambers come with a 2-year guarantee.

The chamber lid is manufactured from varying sizes of thick crystal clear acrylic and features an isolated vacuum gauge along with two 1/8"" BSP ball valves - one is used to connect the chamber to the vacuum pump and the second is used to evacuate the vacuum after degassing.


  • 8L (250mm x 140mm).
  • 18L (350 x 200mm).

Using the pump with a chamber:

We recommend a maximum of 15-20 minutes to run the pump and pull a deep vacuum. It should take 10 minutes to pull the vacuum and then leave the pump running for another 10 minutes. After this initial pull you should see the vacuum drop as this is when most of the degassing occurs. The vacuum can be maintained for up to 100 hours or longer but the pump itself isn’t run continuously. Periodically let air in to your chamber to burst any bubbles and then pull the vacuum again, using the pump for another maximum of 20 minutes. This can be repeated intermittently and you can also flip your material as part of the degassing process.

The digital heat mat is suitable for use with our vacuum chamber and extraction systems. The vacuum chamber or splatter platter can be placed on top of the heat mat and this will enable the degassing process to speed up and be more efficient.

The digital controller is extremely accurate, and will hold a desired temperature to within a degree celsius (depending on the environment and air movement). The controller has a temperature offset that will need to be found to set the controller accurately. Anything you attach to a heat pad will act like a heat sink, so the set temperature on the heat mat will be different from the actual inside temperature. Instructions for programming the timer and temperature are included.


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