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Tropicana Cookies Auto is the perfect variety for growers of all levels, especially beginners as this strain performs very well outdoors and indoors, and can produce up to 500gr/m2 in 56-63 days without needing extra maintenance. Reaching up to 110cm, this strain grows fairly tall with medium-sized branching, showing its mixed heritage. Definitely the right choice for those with a high tolerance looking to get their hands on the strongest autoflowers out there. Thanks to the 27% THC, you can expect an extremely powerful and long-lasting high that’ll boost your mood and give you that extra push you need to start your days on the right foot. This variety offers the whole range of citrusy and woody flavours with a strong candy-sweet background that will keep you coming back for more and more.

Bud Description

Tropicana Cookies Auto produces gorgeous dark purple flowers, so expect really dark buds with gorgeous hues of pink, purple and blue, and thick dark-orange hairs that get completely covered in resin by harvest time, giving them an almost shiny-white appearance.

This variety develops a typical Indica-like structure and very few sugar leaves that will make your trimming sessions a breeze. But make sure to store your trimmings as the gorgeous flowers reek of a mouth-watering blend of lemon peels, orange juice, and sandalwood that gives it almost a citrus candy-like flavour that makes for the most aromatic hash and extractions.

Smoke Report

Thanks to the 27% THC, Tropicana Cookies Auto’s effect starts with an energising head rush that gets your mind up and running while leaving you in a nice calm state. As the Indica-dominant side kicks in, the powerful cerebral effect gradually moves downwards and hits your whole body with a deep relaxation that leaves you with a joyful stoney sensation that alleviates chronic pain while leaving you in an overall happy and positive state of mind.

It’s the perfect daytime and nighttime strain as it can boost your mood and enhance a night out with friends but can also quiet your mind as you get ready for a good night of sleep. No matter the scenario, expect a powerful high that lasts for hours on end.

Plant Appearance

Tropicana Cookies Auto reaches up to 110cm and develops a tall main cola with shorter side branches, typical of hybrid strains. You can expect a stocky yet tall main cola with medium-sized side branches and thin fan leaves that fade into a yellowish hue with a beautiful dark purple tint. Thanks to the excellent selection, this variety develops a short internodal spacing that makes the medium-sized flowers look like they’re growing stacked on top of each other. It’s the ideal choice for growers who want to get big yields without having to deal with huge plants, as this monster yielder can produce up to 150g per plant while growing relatively short.

Grow Tips

This variety grows super dense buds so make sure to space out the branches by tying them down, this way you improve airflow which helps prevent mold and other pests. Tropicana Cookies auto reek of a delicious sweet and sour smell so make sure to flush thoroughly to enhance the aromas even more. This terpene heavyweight finishes with lots of resinous sugar leaves that make for fantastic hash and extractions so remember to have your trim bucket ready!


Tropicana Cookies Auto boasts remarkably sweet flavours that resemble a blend of lemon peels and fresh orange juice, with subtle floral undertones that make it the perfect choice for extractors looking for unique terpene profiles.

Expect an overall citrusy zest that’ll coat your whole mouth and leave a delicious tropical candy-like flavour aftertaste. The sweet and sour flavours get balanced out with a herbal background that gets stronger as you exhale and gradually opens up, bringing out the whole range of woody, floral, and spicy flavours, making it the perfect choice for the most flavourful extracts.

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Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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