Emerald Mountain Legacy - Spice Cream



Spice Cream Regular Cannabis Seeds (Freeborn Selection) by Emerald Mountain are one of the latest strains to come out of the labs of Emerald Mountain. The genetics of the new Spice Cream seeds were created by crossing not 2 but 3 strains together to get the perfect combination of genetics.

First, they started with Blackberry Kush, which is an Indica dominant hybrid created by combining Afghani & Blackberry which give it its dense beautiful buds.

The second strain that was used would be Diesel Maui Dog, this again is mostly an Indica strain chosen for its strong genetics and its relatively short flowering time.

Finally, last but by no means least, we have Royal Kush, one of Emerald Mountain's own strains. The Royal Kush strain was created from powerful genetics, Afghani no:1 adding a little height to the situation and Skunk #1, adding a little bit of a kick to the strain.

Finally, in the end, we are left with a beautiful powerhouse hybrid know today as Spice Cream.

Due to UK legislation and requirements from our payment processor we are no longer able to provide detailed information regarding these seeds. Please look on the breeders website for more details.

These descriptions are pulled from various sources (usually directly from the breeder) and were written in regions where activities such as germination, propagation and consumption are permitted. Descriptions are for informational purposes only, their inclusion here must not be construed as advice or encouragement regarding germination, consumption, expected benefits, effects or any other claims or statements. All seeds are sold for novelty or souvenir purposes and must never be germinated.

GeneticsForum GGS x (Zkittlez x Royal Kush 7) x Royal Kush 8
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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