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Dinafem Seeds - Moby Dick Auto



Dinafem Seeds' breeders created Moby Dick Autoflowering thinking about those growers eager to obtain generous crops and strong psychoactive effects as easily and as fast as possible.

Moby Dick Autoflowering marijuana seeds, born from the cross of a Haze Autoflowering and a White Widow Autoflowering, turn into wild Sativa-dominant plants noted for being as resistant and as ravenous as their photoperiod sisters, but a bit smaller. Don't get your hopes down too fast, though, because, despite being an auto, Moby Dick Autoflowering is smellier, bigger and more potent than most normal auto genetics. Moby Dick Autoflowering was named 2nd Best Autoflowering at the 2017 Copa y Festival Latinoamericannabis, held in Chile.

Moby Dick Autoflowering cannabis plants are beautiful mid-sized Sativa plants. In spite of not growing as high as the photoperiod Moby Dick, she's higher than most autoflowerings. Slim and with large internodal spacing, her branches tend to grow horizontally making for a better light capture and resistance to moisture.

Moby Dick Autoflowering showcases a very intense Hazey aroma with hints of lemon, cedarwood and incense.

Moby Dick Autoflowering delivers a highly psychoactive Sativa effect of great potency. Her high THC levels go straight to the head, awakening each and every of the neurons. It isn't suitable for beginners. However, she's perfect for those days in which you need to give free rein to your creativity and stay active. Stay away from her if what you want is have a good night's sleep.

Genetics Haze Autoflowering x White Widow Autoflowering
VarietyMostly Sativa
Flowering Time75 days
Flowering TypeAutoflowering
THC Content13% - 17%
YieldMedium, High
GrowsIndoors & Outdoors
Plant Height70 - 130 cm
EffectCerebral, Euphoric, Powerful, Uplifting

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