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Dinafem Seeds - Gorilla CBD



Gorilla CBD is a feminised cannabis strain noted for impressive resin production, delicious taste, and therapeutic effect. It's the CBD-rich version of the world-famous Gorilla, an extraordinary strain launched in the spring of 2018 that was very well received. As is to be expected, she derives from a very special cross: Dinamed Kush CBD, a CBD strain that could be mistaken for a legendary variety in its own right, and the highly resinous Gorilla. All the benefits of CBD with a gentle and balanced effect and the distinctive taste of Kush!

Gorilla CBD is a bushy, leafy indica-dominant plant, medium-sized with pointed, lime green leaves. Her dense and spiky buds end the flowering phase fully covered in sticky and shiny trichomes. By watering and feeding her regularly and moderately, she’ll show her full potential. Trimming the lower branches is recommended as this will allow her to focus all energies on the development of the top and side branches.

Gorilla CBD has a scent of diesel, like Gorilla, and tastes of Kush, like Dinamed CBD Kush. Tasting her an unbeatable experience accompanied by a rich and strong flavour. Her 14% CBD softens the mind-blowing narcotic effect of the original Gorilla. Hers is a moderate high that will captivate low-THC Kush-flavoured indica-lovers at once.

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