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Dark Horse Genetics - Strawberry Diesel F2



This Strawberry Diesel F2 is going to be something everyone can enjoy. If you like tour fruity strains, or gassy strains, it's just a matter of looking through a few phenotypes to find the one you like. She's got a sharp strawberry candy and tire rubber diesel smell and taste to her. Some phenotypes will be all fruity, some will be all done, but all will be amazing. We found a male and a female from a pack of Reservoir Seeds Strawberry Diesel F1, and decided to continue on down the line since it was so impressive.

A beginner grower shouldn't have any problems growing this strain, besides having to keep the smell down. She should test around 19-24% THC, but her terpene profile should make up for her not testing too high. She will taste good all the way down to the roach. Sativa-dominant for sure. Great daytime smoke for those looking for more energy and creativity.

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