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Conscious Kush V3 by Conscious Genetics is one of a range new hybrids that fuse Conscious Genetics' Conscious Kush V1 hybrids pollinated with his reversal of the unique Sour Apple Runtz clone. Conscious Kush V3 is the result of crossing the Conscious Kush V2 Bx1 x back to the Sour Apple Runtz reversal.

Conscious Kush V3 is the embodiment of flavour meeting power with this uniquely flavoured purple hybrid. The Conscious Kush V2 has combined its wickedly refreshing bright citrus notes high in limonene; this uplifting freshness combines with the creamy funk from the Sour Apple Runtz to create a seriously unique terp profile.

The flowering time of the Conscious Kush V3 has been shortened from crossing the CKV2 into the lineage & the Conscious Kush V3 can express a variety of phenotypes that can grow from short to average to staggeringly tall depending on the phenotype found. Conscious Kush V3 puts out exceedingly resinous buds that look like they've been dropped in a smattering of frost; the buds also express deep colourations and dense structure that will make them stand out in anyone's garden. Conscious Kush V3 typically finishes between 8.5-9 weeks.

Sour Apple Runtz is itself a hybrid of the infamous Runtz cut pollinated with the reversal of Lumpy's cut of the Apple Fritter. Sour Apple Runtz is known for its crazy THC production, which has rocked just about every smoker that has tried it and ensured it was a stellar choice for breeding.

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GeneticsConscious Kush v2 x Sour Apple Runtz
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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