Connoisseur Genetics - Strawberry Chemdog Haze



For this strain i took my Strawberry and Cream( Strawberry cough x The White reversed) selected for her Strawberry flavour and extra Resin and have hit her with the SSCDH(Super Silver Chemdog Haze) Male from Reservoir seeds that I selected for her more chemdog leaning traits. This combo makes choosing a keeper hard throwing up winner after winner. best topped from early on in veg to create a nice bush and extra smell filtration is a must as she throws out strong sweet strawberry and stank Chemdog terps last few weeks in flowering. the SSCDH Male adds some yield and vigour to the Strawberry and cream making her a dream date.

  • Genetics: Strawberry and Cream x Super Silver Chemdog Haze
  • Yield: Medium / High
  • Flowering Times: 9-10 Weeks

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      GeneticsStrawberry and Cream x Super Silver Chemdog Haze
      Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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