Auto Seeds - Berry Ryder



One of our original and still best selling strains, Berry Ryder is a super fruity, taste sensation. Its really easy to grow and can produce THC levels to rival any other autoflower available.

Berry Ryder is an original Blueberry and Auto #1 cross. This strain was achieved by selecting the best parent from over 25 possibilities of the original cup winning Blueberry.‚ÄØ Both extremely resinous and exuding a rich, sweet, berry aroma, the resulting indica dominant auto produces fat indica leaves and dense nuggety buds.

Growing in a more compact and dense shape, this plant creates a lot of bud sites in a small space giving a great yield, plus the THC laden trichomes often cover all buds and smaller leaves. Growing to an average of 60cms indoors or approximately 80-100cm outdoors there is no need to worry about running out of space. Even though, more experienced growers and further increase yields with minimal training which allows greater light penetration. This also further boosts trichome production to epic levels. Berry Ryder has been a very popular choice since it was created and with good reason. The taste is sumptuous, sweet berries and summer fruits. The THC levels regularly hit 18% and in some cases have been known to well exceed 20%. What more could you ask for in a condensed and potent little package!

  • Yield 300g-400g/m2
  • THC 19-22% THC
  • CBD Less than 1% CBD
  • Taste As youd expect the sweet blueberry flavour is the main part of the taste, however summer fruits like cherries and blackberries are also there in abundance. On the inhale the sweetness dominates, but on the exhale the earthy skunk undertones come through giving great balance to the experience.

Due to UK legislation and requirements from our payment processor we are no longer able to provide detailed information regarding these seeds. Please look on the breeders website for more details.

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GeneticsBlueberry x Auto #1
VarietyMostly Indica
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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