Oil Slick - Sheet (50 Foot Roll)


BULK rolls of Slick Sheet save you a ton of money, and reduces waste from trimming and cutting.  Line vacuum ovens, extraction vessels, pour off area with Slick Sheet PTFE and save tons of time.

A disposable alternative to parchment paper; the Slick® Sheet is a laboratory grade PTFE film.

Slick® Sheet is 100% Resistant to Non-Polar Solvents and rated for direct, long term, solvent exposure.

Slick® Sheet is an ideal liner for collection vessels and evaporation dishes and has excellent heat transfer up to 500°F. 

Product Features

  • 50 Foot Roll
  • 0.7mm
  • 100% Resistant to Non-Polar Solvents
  • Laboratory grade PTFE film

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