Nowadays there are more and more police controls where you'll be checked for the use of cannabis.

When checking your sweat or saliva for traces, the outcome of the drugtest can be positive even after several days of not using any. This test cleans your skin and mouth cavity and removes all traces of nasty substances for at least one hour. Many tests have proven that Kleaner is a reliable companion.

Kleaner functions without chemicals and preservatives, it's not perfumed and gives you a delightful fresh and safe feeling.

Oral Hygiene: Take 1-2 squeezes into mouth, move liquid in your mouth thoroughly, dont swallow. Takes effect immediatley and lasts minimum one hour.

Body Hygiene: Use Kleaner on your head, neck, arms and massage it in thoroughly.

Take effect immediatley and lasts minimum of one hour.

30ml Bottle contains fluid for 25 uses.

Our seeds are sold purely for souvenirs and should be treated as a curio or novelty item and should never be germinated. Please do not break the law.

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