Happy Daddy Slingers


The Slingers from Happy Daddy are a set of purpose built dabbing tools.  Each set comprises a coloured Happy Daddy lanyard with a set of five GR.2 titanium tools attached.  The five tools included are: The Shatter Paddle, The Crystal Ball, The Buddah Bomb, The Globfather and The Baby Buddah.  This set has a tool for every dabbing-related purpose - you can even use one tool to clean the others!  

Oils and waxes become easier to handle than ever when you use a Happy Daddy concentrate dabbing tool.  The tools on The Slingers are made from Grade 2 Titanium for strength and durability and are etched with the famous Happy Daddy logo.  The ultimate tool set for the 710 generation.

  • GR.2 Titanium Dabbing Tools
  • Complete set includes lanyard
  • Compact and Portable
  • Specially designed for use with oils and concentrates

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