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Eztrim Satellite (SL)



The EZTRIM Satellite SL is the only trimmer on the market that comes standard with a wet and dry trimming option.

The speed, quality, and control provided by this machine make it the real connoisseur’s choice for trim machines. 20-30lbs/hr for wet and dry trimming (wet trimming in wet weight). Finish 2/3rd of a pound in 1-2 minutes (including loading/unloading).

Adjustability: Height and Speed of the Blade Direction and Speed of the Fingers. Batch Times Trim Filtration Options Air Flow Control Music/Noise

Included Accessories

  • Kick Stand

Important Information

Complete quality control by hand before the next batch is finished running. (Get hand trim quality with machine speed) Quadruple Filtered Trim Collection, makes excellent concentrates.

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