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Diamond Mining



Diamonds are a new trend many people are now moving into. They are an incredibly pure end product and now you can make them safely with BHO Hardware's diamond mining rig.

Compared to the old method of using glass jars, this reinforced stainless steel setup allows you to safely reach the pressures necessary for crystal formation. This means no smashed glass and no loss of precious product.

The gauge on top allows you to easily check the exact pressure the butane is creating. The ball valve allows you to pull a vacuum on the chamber towards the end of the process - both of these are vital in the creation of diamonds. You can't do this with an old glass jar - this is by far a more scientific method. The sight glass allows you to see how your precious diamonds are growing inside.

All Mining Rig Kits Include:

  • End cap.
  • Vacuum gauge.
  • Ball valve.
  • Connectors.
  • Viton gaskets.
  • Tri clamps.
  • Splatter Platter for Diamond Mining.

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