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Condensing Coil Upgrades



Our Condensing Coils are made from 304 stainless steel.

Condensing Coil Upgrade Condensing Coils have a couple up different benefits to the extraction process. The condensing coil is mainly used in the recovery part of the extraction process. The condensing coil speeds up recovery by providing a larger service area for condensation of the solvent to occur. The solvent will also be a lot colder when it reaches the recovery tank which will mean the pressure in the recovery tank will be lower.

This will also cause a greater pressure differential between the collection base and recovery tank which will help speed up recovery. The condensing coil will need to be placed in dry ice so that the vapor condenses, this reduces the pressure in the recovery tank and allows the solvent to move quicker. The condensing coil can also be used to cool the solvent before it enters the material column, it allows the extractor to warm the recovery tank in order increase the pressure in order for the solvent to move into the material column.

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