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Anesia Seeds - Hyper Glue



Hyper Glue is one of our latest hybrids for the year 2021 and was created due to the great demand for our Super Glue. Hyper Glue is photoperiodic, feminized, and has an impressive genetic profile. This strain was developed by crossing our very potent and aromatic Super Glue with a carefully selected, extremely fruity Apple Fritter. With the new Hyper Glue we exceed our own expectations and developed again an absolute winner that inspires with enormous power, resilience and excellent yields.

We aimed to develop a strain that is exceptionally potent and has a rich terpene profile. With the Hyper Glue we managed to create a strain that has an excessive resin production and a massive balanced high. From these seeds arise beautiful plants which develop impressive huge flower clusters. The buds are dense, heavy and covered with a thick glittering layer of resin. The aroma is fruity, a bit woody and remind of apples and red berries. Some phenos produce purple and reddish flowers and leaves towards the end of the flowering period.

The effects of Hyper Glue are extremely powerful, very long lasting and incredibly versatile. They set in quickly and begin with a feeling of lightness and euphoria, which is accompanied by an increasingly physical relaxation and well-being. It blows away all the mourning and creates space for new, creative ideas. The high is well balanced between body and mind and even more impressive than the flavor. It moves through waves of physical and cerebral effects, that give you an unforgettable experience and deep well-being.

GeneticsSuper Glue x Apple Fritter
VarietyMostly Indica
Flowering Time63-70 Days
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Yield550-650 gr/m²
Plant Height (Indoors)120-160 cm
Plant Height (Outdoors)170-200 cm

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