Cream Of The Crop

The world of Cannabis has come a long way since 6000BC..

The ganja of those ancient times must have been amazing but it’s now 2019 and us clever humans treat these plants like pedigree dogs!

Taking the best genes and characteristics from different varieties they've cross bred them to create beautiful, smelly mongrels of nature with their own distinct character traits. 

Their goal was to offer the finest Cannabis available on the market today, the absolute Cream of the crop and sell them at an affordable price so that everyone may enjoy Earths most sacred plant.

Their research was conducted and compiled over the last 7 years and they now feel they have finally reached their goal.

Whether your looking for something classic, something fruity, colourful, or quick C.O.T.C have a strain for you. You may be after bud that's sweet, Kushy, chemy or even a little trippy - the strains they have chosen are, in their opinion, perfectly tailored to suit every smoker and their preferences.

They then made these strains available at a very competitive price so that everyone can own their very own piece of modern day "high grade" ganja genetics.

Our seeds are sold purely for souvenirs and should be treated as a curio or novelty item and should never be germinated. Please do not break the law.

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